MSE Starter Pack I


Get your sensory programming up and running with this super starter pack. All the essential equipment is included.  The Bubble Tube, Projector and Fiber Optics have adjustable speeds so you can create a calming or stimulating atmosphere. Product substitution may occur due to product availability.

This pack includes:

70" Bubble Tube (switch adaptable, speed adjustable, )
SNAP Projector, 6" Effects Wheel - Fireworks, 6" Effects Wheel - Seasoned Woods
200 Tail 2M Fiber Optic Tails with Light Source Housing
Mirror Ball - 12"
Stereo & Music CDs (2) - Crystal Healing/Tranquility
Aromatherapy Fan
Variety Kit Aromatherapy Oils (Lavender, Rosemary, Orange)
Tactile Awareness Bag
Sensory Brush Kit


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