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 Our waterless tube is alive with activity.  Originally conceived as an alternative to a Bubble Tube it has quickly become a firm favorite with customers. 

A fan drives a current of light beads up and down the tube giving an effect very similar to bubbles.  The fan is adjustable and different effects can be obtained from a raging torrent to a mesmerizing hovering effect.  LED colors change slowly and light up the special white beads. Neat trick is to put your hand on the top of the tube to control the flow of the beads. So many sensory experiences with one product.

Fully color controllable and switch ready.  Includes 4-Button Color Controller with 6' cord.

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  • Dimensions: Tube: H: 48" x Dia: 6" Base: W: 15" x D: 13" x H: 6" WT: 15.25 lb.

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Katie G.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 23/02/14
Love the hurricane tube -a great idea if you want something a bit different from the usual bubble tube. Super fast delivery. Very pleased. Just ordered the wireless receiver and controller cube to make it wxta Wow!