Musical Instruments

Help your child explore their senses through musical sensory toys. Our special needs musical instruments help children with their sensory development. They are able to create and explore ideas through music, and more pathways are created in the brain. These musical toys for special needs develop gross and fine motor skills. Gross skills are developed through banging drums and boomwhackers, and fine motor skills are developed through the finer instruments like the clatterpillar or piano boards. Use a variety of musical sensory toy sizes and types to give your child the best of both worlds when encouraging imagination and physical development. Develop hand-eye coordination with the need to tap or move our sensory noise toys to make music. Play alone or with others, these sensory music toys encourage communication through new forms, to help your child understand the world around them. Learning is best done through play! For more sensory toys to develop motor skills explore our motor planning collection online today!