Light Panels

When the need is to focus on a smaller space, sensory light panels are the way to go. Illuminate objects to be explored and let the imagination run wild. Imagine the clarity of a leaf, shape or letter when lit from below. By illuminating shapes and colors on a sensory light table you can help your child develop their scientific language. Get them to count the number of squares or shapes in a specific color, even get them to start by telling you which is the biggest or smallest shape. Developing an understanding of emotions can be done on a sensory light table by illuminating pictures of faces showing a range of emotions and discussing them. Things are so much easier and clearer when light up. Our Sensory Water Beads change water into colorful shining beads that resemble crystal balls in a clear glass container offering children an amazing tactile and visual sensory adventure. Watch as they bounce different colored lights across the light panel, encouraging your child’s inquisitive nature!

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