Experience light and color in a completely different and interesting way with our blacklight (UV) effects. UV is a gateway to a whole host of new and unique visual experiences. Create an experience that is out of this world for your child to relax or let their imagination run wild in, with our glow in the dark sensory toys. A cozy cave is the perfect place for a child to be themselves, take time alone or invite friends to join them, as they discover the world they have created. Lose yourself in space with glow in the dark stars, or a never before seen land with our UV paints and fiber optics. Develop motor skills at the same time as exploring your imagination, with our glow in the dark sensory ball. Play, throw and catch, or bounce this glowing orb around the room watching and following wherever it goes. The fun doesn’t have to end with glow in the dark sensory toys, incorporate auditory noise toys to create a more immersive sensory experience today!

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