We have child- safe mirrors for self-discovery and to stimulate curiosity. Explore body, face, expressions and gestures and encourage communication and social skills with our range of safe hand held to wall mounted acrylic mirrors. These shatterproof sensory mirrors offer so many ways for your child to explore the world and themselves. From mirrors that distort the reflection or give a true image back to ones that incorporate sound and color to help make sense of any environment. Help your child develop observation and emotional skills that they will need later in life to understand the people around them. Put your baby in front of these sensory mirrors and enjoy watching them as they discover their own reflection through movement, developing self-awareness. When these child safe mirrors are used in a sensory room they can brighten up the space and add visual stimulation. They assist with sensory integration and visual motor perception. Pair the sensory mirrors with wall activity panels, bubble tubes and many more sensory aids to create the perfect pace for you or your child.

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