Convex 8-Dome Mirror

Our Ref #: 9AMCV8



The unique design of this sensory mirror encourages users to observe how the convex shape of the mirrors distort the reflection seen on the mirror, providing amusement whilst encouraging users to develop visual perception skills. A fun and exciting mirror sensory tool that encourages deeper thought processes whilst providing an interesting view of the world for users to explore.

The mirror is made from scratch resistant acrylic, providing safety and making it ideal for any type of setting. This mirror can be great for use as an educational sensory tool due to children being drawn to mirrors for the observation of themselves and objects. The 8-dome mirror can be sited inside or outside and come with sticky pads and corner fixing brackets for attachment to any flat surface.

It comes with 6 sticky 3M pad, can be used inside or outside.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 19.3" x 19.3" square