Sound & Light Panel

Our Ref #: 9SLPL



Provide visual stimulation, focus and attention to our sound sensitive Sound & Light Panel that lights up individual colors depending on the pitch of a voice or other noise in the room.

The Sound & Light Panel will encourage the user to be more vocal. This is a great cause and effect product that will keep the user intrigued for hours. It is up to you to decide the brightness of the lights by the volume of the sound you make. Each color represents a different pitch. The deepest bass sounds glow red, higher pitched sounds illuminate orange, yellow, green and finally blue and purple for the treble.  The brightness of the lights varies with the volume of sound.

Sound & Light Panel can be activated by either music or voice. Microphone and sound sensitivity controller included.

Always a favorite with therapists to encourage vocalization, breath control and regulated volume using a simple and spectacular visual effect.

Also a great tool for teaching cause and effect and allowing individuals to control their environment.

~ Schools (all levels)
~ Daycares (child and adult)
~ Hospitals, Medical & Dental Offices
~ Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Memory Care
~ Rehabilitation Centers
~ Service Organizations
~ Vocational Centers
~ Therapy Centers
~ and many more...

Adult supervision required for all TFH Products.

Made in England

Sound & Light Panel Instructions

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: L: 24" x W: 24" x D: 4"
  • Power: Transformer