Portable Sensory Den

Our Ref #: 9KKHH



The TFH soft sided cubbie folds flat and sets up in a few seconds. The space within feels larger than it is because of the acrylic mirrors mounted inside. The large doorway allows the inhabitant to stay in touch with the outside space while maintaining a safe distance or barrier. The top cover attaches with Velcro and has two small openings in the back corners for fun objects like Fiber Optic Sprays or to peek in to check on the one having all the fun!

The velcro design is easy to assemble, enabling you to quickly create a calming den in any room.

Designed to be lit by a set of Fiber Optic tails or Tabletop Bubble or Hurricane Tube (not included).

Made in England

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: L: 47" x W: 47" x H: 39"
  • Additional Shipping Information: Truck tailgate shipping.