Kibo - Magical Musical Shapes

Our Ref #: 6KIBO


Truly overcoming obstacles through play TFH are proud to present Kibo. So many electronic toys create annoying bleeps, while musical instruments require a trained operator.

Kibo is a musical instrument designed to be played with like a toy. A true fusion of technology, musicology and fun. Kibo is light, tough and cutting edge technology from Italy. Engagingly simple, but fiendishly complex under the hood, Kibo presents 3 forms of music composition to the user through its 8 chunky wooden blocks. These lovely tactile shapes stack magnetically and snap into place on the smooth board pleasingly, and that's when the magic begins.

The keyboard offers two types of musical interaction: inserting or extracting modules allows to combine musical loops, activating or silencing the parts of an arrangement; percussion lets you play melodies, rhythms and compose chords like a traditional musical instrument.

The magnetic shapes can be stacked like a "totem" and used as a tangible score, in which the order of the figures determines the playlist of musical loops. The “totem” is an effective solution for non-verbal communication in the context of cognitive and perceptual dysfunctions.

The interactions are translated into music by a dedicated App, which allows you to define the main parameters of the instrument such as tune, scale, sound, octave and establish relationships between shape, position and musical meaning. The App integrates innovative multiplayer features developed with our innovative technology called "R_PLAY", to facilitate the overall musical activity, allowing you to coordinate a group session with a single mobile device, locally and soon even remotely, offering for the first time the real opportunity to play together in a simple and intuitive way from anywhere in the world.

Download the Kodaly App Store, click here.

Tap the blocks to play 40 different instruments (just turn the knob to change) in mode one - the harder you tap, the louder they play (it's a musical instrument). Build complex compositions by adding and removing the blocks in mode two - the lower 4 blocks build a bassline, the upper 4 build the harmony. Mode 3 is a combo mode, the top row builds up a melody, while the bottom row allows you to tap out an accompanying beat.

Battery powered (~40 hours, recharges like a phone).


Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 12" x 9" X 0.8"
  • Power: Includes rechargeable battery