Sensory On The Go Backpack

Our Ref #: 9TRBG



This handy kit of sensory tools can provide you with the sensory input you require wherever you are. The portable nature of this sensory stimulation pack allows you to always be prepared, with a variety of tools aimed at the different senses. 

This sensory travel bag can be a helpful tool for family days out or noisy environments with the potential to become overstimulating as it provides the escapism or support that can be required in these situations.

This bag includes:
  • Hearing Safe Noise Protectors (Noise reduction rating: 27 dB.)
  • Light Up Aquarium
  • Squeezers - Set of 3
  • Weighty Snake (2 lb. ) 
  • Atom Ball
  • Drawstring Travel Bag. 
  • Also provides proprioceptive input as the bag with contents weighs 3 lb.  

Due to product availability, product substitutions may occur.

Additional Information

  • Warning: Choking Hazard (1) Not for under 3 years. Use under adult supervision.