Quiet Fidget & Fun Backpack

Our Ref #: 9QTFF



We have curated the most popular but quiet fidget toys for you to take anywhere. 

This backpack is great for individuals in settings where they must be quiet. Great fidgets for classrooms, work, travel or home. Small enough to fit inside a desk or hang on the back of your chair. 

Includes 6 of our more popular "fidgety" toys that can be stored in the included drawstring backpack. 

  • Panic Pete - Give him a squeeze and see what he does.
  • Fuzzy Ring - Great for around your wrist or ankle or to pull in opposite directions for proprioceptive input. Fuzzy "hairs" are a great fidget.
  • Color Changing Ball - Hot stress ball. Squeeze to see what color is inside!
  • Therapy Tangle - Always a favorite fidget and puzzle.
  • Sensory Ooze Tube - Turn it upside down and watch the thick liquid (non-toxic) ooze downward. 
  • Massage Roll - Perfect to relax tension in your back, legs or arms. Great tactile input.

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Additional Information

  • Warning: Choking Hazard (1) Not for under 3 years.