Noisy Puzzles

Speech and language can be improved with our line of Noisy Puzzles. Practice A-B-C's and count your 1-2-3's or make up a story about a train or firetruck. Let your imagination fly! Develop motor skills by placing the right piece into the right shaped space, from animals to numbers. Finding the right shaped pieces encourages receptive skills and picking up and fitting leads your child to use their gripping abilities to complete the puzzles for autisitic children. Playing alone or with others, these noisy puzzles encourage communication through team work to find the right pieces and to help your child understand the world around them. Learning is best done through play! These puzzles also have sound features, put each wild animal puzzle piece in its place and listen to its voice! Helps your child learn to differentiate sounds. For more great auditory sensory tools, check out our online range today!