Music CDs

Music has the ability to change your mood and outlook on life. As we listen to happier tunes and melodies our mood often improves, but the music and sounds we produce using instruments can depict what mood we are actually in. Making sensory music toys is a great way to learn to communicate and understand emotions. Unlike traditional instruction, which may include auditory or visual learning, musical toys for special needs are a multi-sensory experience that uses a child’s tactile system, auditory system, and visual system to provide a whole-body experience. Music sensory can help improve a specific set of skill sets within the following areas: Communication and speech through singing, Motor skills through rhythmic play, Memory through the need to memorize lyrics and notes, Focus through listening to the sound from the musical sensory toys. Music sensory can come in a wide range of forms, from our instruments to our musical CDs, so make sure you have the right tools. Order online today!