Unbreakable Acrylic Mirror Set

Our Ref #: 6UNMI



This Unbreakable Acrylic Mirror Set comes with 10 mirrors in varying sizes. These tough, safe acrylic mirrors of different sizes are great for one-to-one activities and visual reinforcement.

Hang on walls, reflect corners, encourage speech, and glue to the floor! Sit in the corner and see what is behind you, as the unbreakable mirror offers a new element to your sensory space.

Mirrors are invaluable additions to sensory rooms for several reasons:
  1. Visual Stimulation: Mirrors provide visually engaging elements that captivate users' attention, encouraging exploration and interaction within the sensory environment.
  2. Sensory Integration: They facilitate sensory integration by offering opportunities for individuals to observe and understand their movements, gestures, and expressions, fostering self-awareness and coordination.
  3. Spatial Awareness: Mirrors help individuals develop spatial awareness by reflecting on their surroundings, allowing them to perceive distances, shapes, and relationships between objects.
  4. Promotion of Interaction: Mirrors encourage social interaction by providing shared experiences and opportunities for collaborative play, communication, and connection with others.
  5. Therapeutic Benefits: Mirrors can be used therapeutically to address various sensory needs, such as visual processing difficulties, body awareness challenges, and sensory-seeking behaviors.
  6. Versatility: They are versatile tools that can be incorporated into a wide range of sensory activities and exercises, accommodating diverse needs and preferences within the sensory room environment.
Overall, mirrors enhance the effectiveness and appeal of sensory rooms by offering multi-sensory experiences that promote engagement, learning, and well-being.

Includes an assortment of:  4 (12" x 12"), 4 (6" x 6"), 2 (12" x 24")