Solar 100 Projector Starter Kit

Our Ref #: 9SLRA

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The wonderful Solar 100 LED is a very compact and lightweight effects projector created for Multi-Sensory Environments, including Home, Hospitals, Long Term Care, Respite, Hospice, Day Programs, and Schools.

This projector replaced the original Solar 100C halogen lamp projector and uses much less power, is totally silent, weighs much less and doesn't require replacement light bulbs! It has an external mains adapter (included), meaning the projector runs on a safe, low voltage.

You can select from any of our 6" effect wheels and requires an Active Gate Wheel Rotator (if you do not have one already) to get up and running. This projector is compatible with all OPTI 'Active Gate' effect rotators which allow use with the full range of 6" and 9" effect wheels and 50mm effect cassettes.

9SLRA: Includes Solar 100 Projector and Active Gate Wheel Rotator
9NWRT: Is one unit of the Active Gate Wheel Rotator
9SLRAC: Includes Solar 100 Projector, Active Gate Wheel Rotator, one Tropical Fish Wheel

100,000+ hour effective life of the LED module (over 50 times the life of an M28 lamp used in 100w tungsten halogen projectors)
Silent and cool when in operation
12V DC low voltage
Accepts all OPTI Solar Range Effects and Accessories.
High colour temperature 3000° K for true white light
Significant energy savings in comparison with tungsten halogen projectors
Lightweight and portable at only 1.85kg (including transformer) and compact at 25 cm long (with lens).
Designed and Manufactured in the UK by OPTI. 

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: weighs 4 pounds, 9.6" long
  • Power: 12V DC low voltage