Solar Sensory 250 LED Projector


Instantly transform your space into a magnificent area of flowing light and changing images. Tilt your projector to cast images that glide across the walls or ceiling in a profusion of colour or black and white images. Use the solar projector to effect colour sensations to suit your clients' needs.

Insert your switch into either of the ports at the back of the projector to utilize the projector as a reward or adapted use device.
All models are easy to operate and include a tabletop stand that doubles as a hanging bracket. The light for the Solar 250 LED is supplied by a 2000 lumen energy efficient 40W LED module that lasts for over 100,000 hours. We recommend that you mount the projector out of reach of your clients, but accessible to professionals for image wheel switch-outs.

The projector is easy to set up and can be easily operated by anyone with no prior knowledge or experience of effects projectors. Different lenses and additional accessories can be added to this projector to create additional effects.
Projects both Effect and SNAP wheels sold separately

0.5 RPM Wheel Rotator and 60mm Focusing Lens are included!


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