Laser Stars Projector

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This sensory projector fills a dark space with mesmerising light patterns of animated stars and cloud formations. These light patterns encourage visual tracking as users can follow the patterns as their eyes are drawn in through the bright stars.

The projector is easy to use, requires no set up and fully adjustable to provide different levels of visual stimulation to accommodate different settings, making it ideal as sensory room equipment.

Enchanting lights are created from powerful green laser and holographic technology which make them very bright and clear and capture the user’s attention. Fill any room with a crystal-clear animated display of stars and clouds!

The magical light show of this visual sensory tool is created via light casting thousands of stars with or without cloud formations.
AC Adapter Included, just plug it in and change the visual sensory image of your space. 

Measures approximately 8.5” long x 9.5” wide x 11.25” tall.

Additional Information

  • Power: Transformer

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