Solar 250 Projector Saver Pack Deluxe

Our Ref #: 9NPSD



The sensory room Solar 250 projector saver pack deluxe kit provides you with big max wheels, little cassette effect wheels, and standard effect wheels. A complete projection system with a little bit of every type of wheel available!

Developed specifically to meet the needs of education, healthcare, and sensory environments, the larger 9" effect wheels contain almost double the graphic content of traditional 6" effect wheels which are intended to stimulate and inspire in multi-sensory applications. Other designs suit entertainment applications such as themed events.

The two included Cassettes Wheels combine two screen printed glass layers, one static and one rotating, to create stunning kinetic patterns. These multi-colour cassettes give rich colourful moving effects.

Each design contains stunning vibrant imagery.

Set it up in a smaller room or larger facility, this kit is a favourite! Create a spectacular world of light and moving images that glide across walls or ceilings. The Solar 250 LED Projector is lightweight, compact, and simple to use. Projection distance 6 to 26 feet. 40W LED bulb will last for 100,000 + hours. Includes an 85mm focusing lens and a 60 mm wide angle lens.

Deluxe Kit Includes:
Solar Sensory 250 Projector
1 - Magnetic Dual Wheel Rotator
1 - Cassette Wheel Rotator
1 - Panoramic Rotator
3 - 6" Effect Wheels - Tropical Fish, Forest, Shapelands
1 - Liquid Effect Wheel - Cosmic Flare
2 - 9" Effect Wheels - Planets & Meadows
2 - 50mm Cassette Wheels - Colour Balance 26 & 17

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 8" L x 5"W x 3" D