Tangle Phone Fidget Toy

Our Ref #: 6TPFG



Twist. Tangle. Fidget. Anywhere! The NEW Tangle® Phone Fidget™ is the ultimate 3-in-1 phone accessory! It is a tangle fidget toy, an adjustable phone stand and a therapy device in one! Just Peel. Stick. And Fidget! The Tangle® Phone Fidget is a fun, flexible and functional phone accessory with an array of interchangeable connectors, twistable sections and colorful combos that wrap around your hand or wrist allowing for a functional grip, and a therapeutic fidget experience anytime, anywhere. It can be adjusted to stand your phone up on any surface or wrap it around objects to get the perfect angle. Tangle can be used as a therapy device to help improve focus and is therapeutic for individuals with ADHD. Continuous use strengthens hand muscles and relieves minor stress and anxiety. 5cm Coiled, 18cm when uncoiled.

*Comes in either a blue, green color or orange purple. If you would like a certain color, please specify in the COMMENT SECTION of your order.

Additional Information

  • Warning: Choking Hazard (1) Not for under 3 years