Lalaboom Educational Beads and Accessories



This pack contains 12 educational beads to promote sensory discoveries and fine motor skill development. Large beads to screw, clip, assemble and lace which allow you to build a multitude of multicolored and varied combinations and shapes.

- At 10 months, it’s time for sensory discoveries and the development of visual acuity thanks to the different textures and colors of the pearls, which your child begins to assemble. 
- 15 months, your child opens and closes the pearls involving fine motor skills 
- 18 months, the child can mix the pearls together and create many combinations 
- 24 months, it's time to build! Your child can create long links of beads and explore their creativity 
- Around 36 months, the child can lace the beads thanks to the flexible lacing cord. Lacing is a first step toward learning to write! 

Contains 12 beads, 3 accessories , 1 lacing tool (28 pieces) - Pearl diameter 2".

Dishwasher safe 
Soft EVA-based material, PVC-free, BPA-free

Additional Information

  • Warning: Recommended age: 10 months and up