omiVista Ceiling Install

Our Ref #: 9OMVS



This is our latest fully self-contained ceiling mounted system. It is always ready to use in a sensory room, interactive area or other chosen site without the need for storage or set up time. The fixed omiVista system can project onto any floor or table at the touch of a button, creating an interactive surface for all ages and abilities to enjoy. This system comes pre-loaded with the Sensory Suite, a treasure trove of 300 Apps with audio-visual effects designed to stimulate, engage and relax.

This system that responds to gesture and movement creating dynamic images on any surface including floors, tables, wheelchair trays and tents.

Available Program Suites

Sensory Fun Suite with 300+ activities
Adult/Teen Special Needs Suite with 150+ activities
Senior Care Suite with 150+ activities

Self-contained ceiling assembly projecting onto a floor or table.

  • Projector for Ceiling Mount
  • Manuals with session guidelines
  • Remote Control
  • Wireless radio keyboard

Image projection size (installed ceiling of 7.5 feet high is 6.5 feet wide x 3.25 feet long


Additional Information

  • Dimensions: L: 23.4" x W: 23.4" x H: 5.5". Wt: 37.5 lb.
  • Power: Mains