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Feel the music for therapeutic benefit.  Stereo included. 

This popular reclining shape distributes body weight evenly and instantly encourages relaxation.  By connecting to the Bluetooth stereo, the relaxer becomes a vibroacoustic therapy tool. The TFH Vibroacoustic Range magnifies musical vibrations so they are felt more easily.  Our line of vibroacoustic positioning furniture allows the user to feel the vibration of the music through the furniture.  

Vibration is a great way to get the proprioceptive input to calm and stimulate a variety of clients.  The amount of vibration is completely adjustable with the choice of music and the base selection, so you can customize this furniture to suit anyone.  

The included Bluetooth stereo must be used to prevent any failures.  Now you can connect your phone or tablet to our stereo receiver and select your favorite music.  The warranty is void if the incorrect stereo is used. Please note, music will be muffled as this is not a speaker system but primarily for vibration therapy.

Vibration is a tool used by therapists to provide sensory input for joints and muscles as well as to encourage relaxation. Vibrations can come in many forms; with and without music and from tuning instruments. 

TFH provides a variety of different types of products to deliver this vibration. 

Our line of Vibroacoustic Furniture utilizes music to deliver the vibrations. The main purpose of these products is primarily vibration (musical vibration). The unit we use to deliver the musical vibrations is designed to create the maximum amount of vibration (bass) and is not a stereo speaker. It is installed into a piece of foam furniture and connected to the stereo receiver which allows the user to increase or decrease the level of musical vibration (bass). However, because the unit is not a speaker and covered in foam, the music is muffled. This is not similar to a gaming chair.

Maximum weight is 250 lbs.

Truck Shipment. See below.


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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: L: 46" x W: 26" x H: 29"
  • Additional Shipping Information: Truck Shipment. Shipping charge does not include liftgate or inside delivery. Contact us for these services, 800-467-6222.