AnyWhere Sensory Kit - Free Shipping

Our Ref #: 9ANSK


Create a sense of calm and engage your senses at home, for your loved one in a nursing home or in a medical facility with this kit of sensory supports.

At home, spend time alone or invite family inside your sensory oasis. Relieve stress anytime during the day. Use before and after school work and therapy to renew and restore sensory balance. Help wind down to encourage restful sleep. Everyone in the family can benefit from time spent together in a sensory space designed to allow for free-flowing creativity and failure-free exploring.

For those in an assisted living or nursing care facility, sensory engagement may be difficult. This kit easily sets up in your loved one's room to provide a sense of calm during stressful times or fun way to engage senses in a new and exciting way.

For therapy clinics, have a calming space even in the smallest room for your clients to regulate their senses before, during and after therapy.

Your AnyWhere Sensory Kit includes:

  • Tabletop Budget Bubble Tube (36"' switch accessible)
  • Switch It Up! Adaptive switch (turns on and off bubble tube)
  • Sound Spa Relaxation System (6 digital recordings: Ocean, Summer Night, Rain, Rain Forest, Waterfall and Heartbeat. Auto timer)
  • Fiber Optic Light Kit (four different fiber optic lights)
  • Laser Amazer Projector (total room projector)
  • Weighted Body Pad (3 lb., washable fleece cover-vinyl interior; gel weights)

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