EazyHold® Cup/Bottle Holder

Our Ref #: 5EHSC


These soft silicone universal cuffs that fit more than just a baby bottle or sippy cup also fit water and sports bottles! They can also assist children with special needs to hold large handled toys for a more inclusive playtime.   

For those with a weak or poor grip use EazyHold on musical instruments or sporting equipment. How about adapting a baseball bat, hockey stick, tennis racquet or even a boat oar.  
You can use these assistive cuffs on cell phones, bicycle pedals and handlebars. It's easy to modify your drinking cup to make holding beverages effortless. You can even double them up for two-handed use!

  • Adjustable with wide openings for large objects.   
  • Washable at high temps and quick to dry.     
  • Double up for 2 handed use.
  • No slip grip for ADLs.
  • For outdoor and garden use.
  • Will not degrade in the sun.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 7.5"