Sensory Self Compression Vests - LIMITED SUPPLY

Our Ref #: 9SNVT

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The front Velcro opening of our Sensory Vests gives the individual the ability to determine for themselves how much and when they need some extra compression to ease overstimulated sensory systems. They are made of perforated Neoprene and comfortable non-flammable materials which provide deep pressure to the body evenly and provide proprioceptive input and stability for the end users.

Meets the requirements of CPSIA and the test of Wearing Apparel Flammability 16 CFR. 1610.

Color is blue.

Child Small - Chest: 29.5-30.5"  Waist: 22-23"  L: 17.8"
Child Medium - Chest: 30.5-31.5"  Waist: 23-24"  L: 19.5"
Child Large/Adult Small - Chest: 32.5-34"  Waist: 25-26.5"  L: 20"
Adult Medium - Chest: 34/36"  Waist: 26.5-28"  L: 21.65"
Adult Large - Chest: 36-38"  Waist: 28-30"  L: 23.25"

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: Small - Chest: 29.5-30.5" Waist: 22-23" L: 17.8"