Weighted Sensory Vest - LIMITED SUPPLY

Our Ref #: 9WTVT

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Weighted Vests provide much needed sensory input to help regulate sensory systems, especially helpful for times of over-stimulation. Because everyone is different, our weighted vests adjust to your individual needs. They are made by perforated Neoprene and comfortable non-flammable materials which provide deep pressure to the body evenly with adjustable sides and shoulders and proprioceptive stimulation for the end user. 

Weights come in 1/8 lb. and 1/4 lb. sealed bags that fit inside the bottom sections. You can customize the amount and distribution of weight in the vest. 

Meets the requirements of CPSIA and the test of Wearing Apparel Flammability 16 CFR. 1610. Color is blue.


Small - L: 15-20" x W: 30"
Medium - L: 17-22" x W: 34"
Large - L: 19-24" x W: 39"

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 3 lb. - L: 15-20" x W: 30"