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This rotating electric aquarium provides a soothing visual sensory experience for users. The calming experience provided by this sensory lamp makes it ideal for use as a night light to help users switch off and drift off to sleep.

Easy to operate, either turn on with the simple slide switch, or add an external switch, making it more accessible for those with limited motor skills.

This visual sensory tool provides overlapping undersea images that rotate at different speeds behind a rippled surface. This rotating motion encourages visual tracking as users are encouraged to take in the scenery of the aquarium and follow the fish as they move. Simply attach your 1/8 inch lead adapter to this simple interactive sensory solution and be rewarded with soft light, and a silent show.

A beautiful tabletop and easily portable piece of sensory room equipment.

Press the button and the LEDs inside the lamp illuminate, lighting up the undersea adventure on the side of the lamp. As the lights shine the internal body of the lamp slowly rotates, causing the colourful seascape to follow, predict, and enjoy.

Requires a 1/4 inch switch to operate the toy.
Confirmed compatible with Switch it up! Adaptive Switch product code 3SWIU

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 30 x 23 x 8 cm
  • Power: 6x C-type or USB cable (provided)

1 Review

Margaret L.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 27/12/23
My 23 year old loves watching this. It's endlessly fascinating, he likes holding it on his lap. Just hope the plastic doesn't snap when he discards it when he's had enough :)


6 months ago by Peter
Do let us know...