Genie System Bubble Column

Our Ref #: 9BC120GN

Options to choose from:

The only Bubble Tube on the market controlled by a unique Magic Genie app. Our Genie System uses Bluetooth technology and allows the user independence to control their environment from an iPad or iPhone with a variety of options. Includes the Genie Receiver. All you have to do is download the FREE app from the App Store.

See the beautiful colours and bubbles. Use the Genie App on your iPhone or iPad to change the 12 colours of the bubble tube.

Install Genie Receiver into the Bubble Tube Base and download the App to use the 6 different colour control programs, large color pad, 4 color pad, color 2 color mixing options and piano colours (auditory) or do nothing and allow the lights to change slowly by themselves.

Listen for the bubbling sounds; something that is sure to soothe the senses.

Feel the coolness of the acrylic tube and water. Benefit from the vibrations generated from the pump that radiates all the way up the tube.

TFH Bubble Tubes have unique therapeutic capabilities not found on any other bubble tube on the market. With our tubes, you can customize the environment to each individual's needs. Our speed adjustment allows you to incrementally turn up or down the flow of the bubbles to stimulate or calm the senses. The Interactive Bubble Tube includes a port for a switch to enable the user to easily turn on and off the bubbles.

LED technology, the sturdy design of our tubes and bases gives you a Bubble Tube that will last for years and years.
Price includes our 6" diameter Bubble Tube, Base and Genie system.

Genie App Instructions