Genie Bubble Tubes

Our Ref #: 9BC120GN

Genie Bubble Tubes


The TFH Bubble Tube with the unique Magic Genie app offers a comprehensive and customizable sensory experience. Here are some key features and benefits:

Magic Genie App Control: The Bubble Tube is controlled by a unique Magic Genie app, providing users with independence and the ability to customize their environment using an iPad or iPhone.

Bluetooth Technology: The use of Bluetooth technology enhances the convenience of controlling the Bubble Tube, making it wireless and easily accessible.

Colorful Visuals: The Bubble Tube offers 12 different colours, and users can change them using the Genie App on their iPhone or iPad. This visual stimulation can be adapted to individual preferences.

Genie Receiver: The package includes the Genie Receiver, enhancing the functionality of the Bubble Tube and ensuring seamless integration with the Magic Genie app.

Variety of Control Programs: The Genie App offers a range of control programs, including options for 6 different colours, large color pad, 4 colour pad, colour mixing, piano colours (auditory), or allowing the lights to change slowly on their own.

Soothing Bubbling Sounds: The Bubble Tube produces bubbling sounds that contribute to a calming and soothing sensory experience, enhancing the overall therapeutic effect.

Customizable Environment: The Bubble Tube's therapeutic capabilities allow users to customize the environment to meet individual needs. Speed adjustment enables control over the flow of bubbles for sensory stimulation or relaxation.

Genie App Instructions