Liquid Timers Set of 3

Our Ref #: 3LQTMUS



Watch as the drops roll down the spiral ramp in this mesmerizing toy x 3! 

Fun timers that illustrate the passing of time (non-specific) as the oil and water droplets twist around the tubes. Once all the drops have spiraled down to one end, simply slip the toy over to begin again.  Add color and excitement with this cool liquid motion. 

This item is great for building structure, including stopping/starting activities with special needs kids. This visual sensory resource is ideal for stimulating discussion on time differentiation, keeping concentration or simply for providing a visual sensory experience.

The base on both ends is made of plastic and the inside is an oil base drop in clear liquid. 

Price includes a set of 3. 

Colors may vary.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: H: 3.75" x W: 2"
  • Warning: Use under adult supervision.