500 Heavy Duty Ball Pool Balls - Drop Ship

Our Ref #: 8ROPB



Brightly colored balls for a sensory ball pit support the child and encourage gross motor activity. These Authentic Commercial Ball Pit Balls are extremely durable and crush proof. They are air filled and super light. The bright colors and multitude of balls will prompt play automatically. Balls available in red, yellow, blue, green, purple, and orange. Case of 500 assorted balls. *Minimum order - 2 cases.

The 500 Ball Pool Balls invite children to roll around in a ball pool or any play structure immersing themselves completely underneath the rainbow of colors!! The balls are light-weight enough for kids to toss around and play a variety of different games.

These authentic ball pit balls are constructed from durable, safe, non-toxic materials that are easily cleaned with just soapy water.

We recommend 3,000 balls for our Free Standing Ball Pool.

How Many Ball Pool Balls Do I Need?

Each case of balls will fill a certain amount of cubic feet. This is listed in the item description. So first determine how many cubic feet you want to fill with balls by measuring the inside length and width of your ball pool to determine the square feet then multiply by depth to determine cubic feet.

The formula is: Length (L) x Width (W) x Depth (D) = Cubic volume, then divide by 14 to determine the number of 500 ball cases you need.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 3" Dia
  • Additional Shipping Information: Depending on how many balls ordered may be truck Shipment. Charge does not include Liftgate/Inside Delivery. This item will drop ship from the manufacturer and take 1-2 weeks for delivery.