Combination Wireless Genie Receiver

Our Ref #: 9RGRX



Revolutionize the way that our MSE's are used. It is not just a touch-screen, color-controller, but a simple innovative control system allowing you to:

~ Unlock existing equipment.
~ With Signal Splitters, you can control two pieces of equipment with your iPad or iPhone.
~ Add more MSE Genies and you can control all your TFH Sensory Room Equipment.
~ Develop interactive story telling.
~ Allow any controller to interact with any reward.

As the facilitator, you get to choose:

~ Which equipment is "on".
~ If your client can select equipment.
~ Which type of controller the client uses
~ How many controls the client has.

6 Color Controller Options
Large Button
4 Button
All Colors
Color Mixing (2)
Piano Ladder (auditory scale notes)

You purchase the MSE iPad/iPhone Receiver here to convert your new or existing equipment. Bluetooth technology. No wifi necessary to run app on equipment.

Download MSE Genie App from the iTunes Store. iPad is not included.

Compatible with TFH Bubble Tubes/Bubble Walls, Hurricane Tubes, Genie Color Washes, and Fiber Optics.

Made in England

Receiver Connection Instructions