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Our comfortable, sturdy Bouncing Chair is available in three sizes and designed for children up to 65 lbs. The perpetual motion provides Vestibular and Proprioceptive input for children with a range of Sensory Processing Disorders. Comes with the Deluxe Harness. We have three sizes to choose from: Bouncing Chair Light - Weight limit 30-40 lb. H: 23.5" (seat to top of chair) x W: 19.5" x Depth of seat: 6.25" Bouncing Chair Standard - Weight limit 40-50 lb. H: 23.5" (seat to top of chair) x W: 19.5" x Depth of seat: 8.25" Bouncing Chair Large - Weight limit 55-65 lb. H: 32" (seat to top of chair) x W: 20" x Depth of seat: 11"

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  • Dimensions: H: 23.5" x W: 19.5" x Depth of seat: 8.25"

32 Reviews

Christine A.Verified Buyer.
Needs a deeper seat
Sheila G.Verified Buyer.
The order processing was quick and easy. The product seems high quality. My son enjoys it but slides off the seat part. If it had a little more structure to it I think it might work better for us. Also I wish it had grippers for the floor part so it didn't slide so much when he gets going.
Renee N.Verified Buyer.
The chair depth isnt big enough for any childs bottom in that weight catergory 2nd time ive purchased the same chair 1st i returned because my daughter was to small and now she slips out of the 3 in ch indent for bum. For the money no impressed at all should be a deeper crease
Julie D.Verified Buyer.
Love it! My daughter had just outgrown the big one she had loved so much! This is perfect!
Sarah S.Verified Buyer.
My child loves it great that cover is easily removed so it can be washed
Maria G.Verified Buyer.
The chair overall is a great purchase. we will use it everyday and my daughter loves it. I was so glad to find a chair that will accommodate her size. I would have loved to have a deeper seat since she does not have a lot of muscle tone and the straps stretch across the frame, not around the person from the fabric. she tries to escape through the straps but as long as I watch her, she has a great time.
Joanne S.Verified Buyer.
Good chair, quite hard to put together needs two people. Not sure if a large 6yr old would last long and our 2yr old is nearly touching the floor when he bounces.
Afton F.Verified Buyer.
On time and as advertised. Good condition
Kristy K.Verified Buyer.
This is our 4th chair in the past two years. My small 11 year old daughter uses is daily. She can not bounce in it independently, but we can bounce her. I wish it was possible to just purchase a slip cover replacement for this chair since we have replaced the chair three times already. The stitching keeps coming apart where the seat is and also where the harness is attached. Such a great concept! Wish they also made one for the next weight up 50 - 80 lbs!
Megan C.Verified Buyer.
The chair is easy enough to put together and is nice looking all in all. My son's feet don't touch the ground when he sits in it so bouncing is not as easy for him, and by the time he grows tall enough the back will be too short- seems like a design flaw- maybe adding a foot rest to the design would be wise. We are keeping it because it's light enough to move around the house, and there isn't anything else I know of like it on the market.
Kristy M.Verified Buyer.
My son loves it! Some issues with the fabric seperating but after emailing customer service they are sending out a new cover. For a child who can not sit unassisted and is loaded with energy this bouncy chair is great! I call it my sons workout (even though he's tiny) because it helps him release all that energy that use to frustrate him to the point of screaming and grunting. Good price, good design, and perfect size.
Victoria A.Verified Buyer.
The chair was purchased for my daughter who finds it comfortable and very relaxing. My only concern is that of putting the chair together. The placing of silicone tubes onto the metal rods is far from easy infact by the time I got them on my hands were very sore and even bruised.
Sally B.Verified Buyer.
Excellent chair, my little boy loves it and happily sits in it for a long time, very well made and sturdy
Sally E.Verified Buyer.
Love the bouncy chair and very easy to assemble. But if your kid is taller than about 50 inches their head may hang off the back or hit the bar.
Mary P.Verified Buyer.
This was purchased as a gift for Christmas for my 9 year old son with spastic Cerebral Palsy. He is 48" and weighs 42 pounds. He only has had his wheelchair to sit in for over 3 years because we could never find a comfortable option with the proper support. Until now. This seat is the answer to our prayers! Thank you for making such a perfect chair and for charging a reasonable amount for your product. You made my son's Christmas! So thank you so so much! ❤️
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