Wiggle Walkers - Balancing Stilts

Our Ref #: 8WIGG



Watch kids amaze themselves as they learn to balance, walk and then run using stilts! Wiggle Walkers are an effective way to teach kids ages 3 and older how to control their body as they wiggle and walk while balancing their body! These stilts are perfect for developing gross motor and coordination skills.

Kids learn how to use their hands and feet together as they walk using the foam-based stilts. They’re an easy addition to any home active play zone/obstacle course or for kids to use as a fun new way to walk from room to room in the house. The safe, foam stilts are even ideal for outdoor sensory play!

The thick and adjustable height polyester ropes are easy for small hands to grip. The rope stretches as tall as 24", and as short as 16". The platform base is 5.5” wide, and the foam base narrows to 2.5” wide at the bottom.

  • Set of foam-based stilts designed for toddlers and young kids to learn how to balance and concentrate as they walk.
  • Kids are challenged to balance as they walk on the stilts while holding the durable, ropes that they have to pull up as they walk.
  • The polyester ropes are adjustable height for kids of all sizes to use.
  • Supports the development of balance, concentration, motor skills and confidence.
  • Max weight: 175 pounds
  • Recommended Ages 3+
  • Cushioned base is made of foam
    • Foam base narrows at the bottom to 2.5” wide
  • Platform to step on is 5.5” wide
  • Base of the stilt is 2.5” tall
  • Polyester rope can be adjusted to 24” tall or as short as 16”

Additional Information

  • Warning: Choking Hazard (1) Not for under 3 years, Use with adult supervision.