Wireless Controlled Fiber Optic Spray

Our Ref #: 91MSGW

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Light up Fiber Optic Tails provide unique visual, tactile and weighted benefits for users. All of these elements stimulate proprioceptive & vestibular systems, soothing and calming users who may have special needs or difficulties with sensory processing. 

Enjoy taking control of your fiber optics from anywhere in the room. Our Wireless Control System doesn't need wi-fi to work so there is never any downtime. Choose from 9 color options or let the light source slowly change through the color range. Fiber Optic tails and button controllers can be easily disinfected between users. This brilliant fiber optic spray with 100 tails includes our Sparkle Light Source, Wireless Receiver and Wireless 4-Button Color Controller.

Made in England

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: L: 80"