Tactile Columns

Our Ref #: 9TCLB


Our Tactile Columns offer a more slimline design of our interactive sensory boards, making it perfect for smaller spaces. Each one has unique tactile options for sensory development and play. 

Ideal for all ages from preschool to nursing homes, the range of textures make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. They come with brass clips, so you can either hang vertically or horizontally. Due to their sleeker design, they can be displayed in most rooms or even a hallway. 

Buy one column or even all three, to elevate your sensory space. Their bright colors provide visual stimulation and the variety of surfaces encourage touch and decrease tactile avoidant. 

All surfaces are wipeable and therefore easy to disinfect making them perfect for a range of environments.

Made in England

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: H: 47" x W: 16" 18 lbs