Weighted Lap Pad Green - Green 5 lbs.


Provides deep pressure for a secure grounded feeling. This weighted lap pad increases body awareness, improves attention span and improves concentration.  Enables users to stay seated for a longer period of time. Heat sealed with anti-bacterial, phthalate free vinyl. Pre-filled with nontoxic gel. Wipe clean for proper infection control. Made in USAEasy Care: These vinyl-covered pads can be cleaned with a mild, non-chlorinated detergent and can be disinfected with a mild, non-chloride-containing disinfectant. Although the gel is not toxic, medical assistance must be invoked if the gel is taken through the mouth. If the product is cracked or damaged, it must be discarded. Caution: This product must always be used under the direct supervision of a care giver.  - Remove all buckles, keys, and other sharp objects before using so as not to damage product.  - We strongly recommend that this product not be used with individuals cognitively under age 5.  - Although the gel is non-toxic the item should not be chewed or ingested. Note: Do not stand or sit on lap pads as a leak might occur.


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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: L: 18" x W: 10" x H: 1"