Mindful Fidget Blackstar


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Designed to be ​Mindful ​of the learning environment. Mindful Fidgets’ ball bearings are carefully selected to provide both a ​quieter spin and a shorter spin time​ in order to keep hands engaged in the act of fidgeting. The Mindful Fidget Star was designed by an occupational therapist for students 12 and older. This low profile fidget can be worn on the wrist similar to a watch. Put it on in the morning. Wear it all day. Fidget when you need it. Use your finger to manipulate the spinning star topper clockwise or counterclockwise. Slide your fingers along the tactile bumps that are along the topper edges. This fidget has a ​lightweight nylon band with Hook-and-Loop closure. Adjusts to fit most wrist sizes (approximately 5.75" to 8.5"). It also comes with a standard 20mm Quick Release​ wristband allowing an easy way to swap out one band color for another to match your mood. 

**Please note that this product is not water resistant. Getting wet will impede function.

Additional Information

  • Warning: Choking Hazard (1) Not for under 3 years