Mini Nest Ball Pool - Drop Ship

Our Ref #: 8MNBP


Mini-Nest Ball Pool is the perfect nesting spot for any child interested in exploring color and fun!

Great for individual or social play, this Mini-Nest Pool is a sensory dream. Comfortably cushioned by 4″ thick soft foam wall.  The bright colors and shiny balls are enticing for any child looking for fun! Includes a set of 175 mixed color balls 2-3/4″ in diameter. 

Ball pool walls are covered in easy to clean material.

***NOTE: Customers must report damage or loss within 3 days to TFH for restitution. No replacements or refunds are given after 3 days from receipt of order. 

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 44" x 44" x 10"
  • Additional Shipping Information: HIS ITEM WILL DROP SHIP FROM THE MANUFACTURER AND TAKE ABOUT 3-4 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. ***NOTE: Damage or loss must be reported within 3 days to TFH to receive replacements or refund.