Finger Labyrinth Workbook - LIMITED SUPPLY

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Few things calm the mind like a labyrinth. Unlike puzzle mazes which challenge the mind, labyrinths are single-path designs that help people focus and meditate.

Enter into the labyrinth from the opening on the edge and trace until you reach the center. Then pause and take a deep breath, and trace back out to the edge again.

Tracing a labyrinth is a mindfulness exercise that can help manage a stressful moment. Labyrinths are also excellent classroom management tools.

The Finger Labyrinth Workbook features 21 designs. Some are calming to trace, some are slightly engaging to trace, and some are difficult to trace.

Choose a favorite design and enjoy a moment of mental "space".

Customer Testimonial

"I love the fact that the finger labyrinth had only one path to the finish. This promoted success, which I think the kids enjoyed as well."
Kelly J., Occupational Therapist

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: L: 11" x W: 8.5"