Liquid Effect Orange Projector Wheel

Our Ref #: 9NLQO


Watch as this liquid effect wheel moves and projects an orange light around the room, creating a soothing sensory experience to relax and follow the patterns, providing visual stimulation in your sensory space.

The liquid effects projecting constantly moving and mixing globules of colored light. These projector wheels were originally used within light shows, clubs and discos but have now been adapted to be used as a visual sensory tool. They are now used as an integral part of most Multi-Sensory Therapy environments.

This wheel combines vivid colored immiscible liquids to provide their magical liquid effect! These 6" projector wheels are made for the Solar Projectors, but are also compatible with our SNAP Projector (with a Snap Adapter - 9PW6X).

**Please note that if you have a Super SNAP or SNAP projector purchased before 2017, you will need to purchase our SNAP Adapter to be compatible with our range of Solar Effects Wheels.

Additional Information

  • Warning: Choking Hazard (1) Not for under 3 years