Sound Light Dome Podium - FREE SHIPPING

Our Ref #: 3SOLDP



Create a symphony of color using your voice! The Sound Light Dome changes color in response to sound.  

The colors actually relate to the pitch of the sound so whistling gives a different color than humming.  The pitch of any noise changes the color of the dome.  The loudness of noises will change the brightness.  The Dome has an internal microphone and a sensitivity adjustment to suit everyone’s needs. 

Now you can get up close and personal with our Sound Light Dome.  We have mounted it to our Podium to create a more personal experience.  

Make some noise and watch the colors swirl.  Use your voice, clap your hands, bang a drum.  So much fun and tremendous sensory input for visual, auditory and gross motor skills.

Made in England

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: L: 47" x W: 47" x H: 18.5"
  • Additional Shipping Information: Truck Shipment. If you need Liftgate and Inside Delivery, call for quote.