Fiber Optic Curtain Wall Mount - Free Shipping


New Design! 

Our new Fiber Optic Curtain displays the 200 Fiber Optic Tails in the clear acrylic bracket. This allows so much more light to reflect adding new dimensions to your sensory room or sensory space. 

Our Fiber Optic Tails rotate gently through 8 different colors and one sparkle setting. You are able to control the speed of the color changes with the adjustable dial on the back of the light source. 

There are so many ways to hang the curtain to get the most out of the sensory experience. 

Attach to any wall in your room. Then find your favorite chair and have a seat while you play with the tails. 

Install above a doorway for a dramatic entrance. Add an Acrylic Mirror behind for the illusion of hundreds of fiber optic strands and to see yourself enjoying the curtain. 

1. Fiber Optic Tails (200; varied lengths).
2. Sparkle LED Light Source.
3. Clear Acrylic Bracket.
4. Three white security brackets.

For UV Fiber Optic Tails select 9UVWFOCCL at the right. This version comes with 100 tails. 

Color control is available with our Wireless Receiver and one of our Wireless Controllers. See below for these options. 

Options to choose from:

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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: L: 48" x H: 12.5" x D: 8"
  • Power: Mains