Pixels Pro Interactive Panel

Our Ref #: 9PXLS




Interactive Light Show, with 3 modes to enhance your skills. Pixels remembers the work you have done and plays back your recent activity when you stop interacting  with it. Pixels enable you to make a lasting mark.

Unlike most color choice rewards Pixels rewards multiple selections of the same color - so repeatedly picking red gives back and creates extra impressive, illuminated images. Pixels "remembers" your previous decisions and will fade back through the creation you have layered up. Completely silent operation. Interactive Light show, with 3 modes. Pixels plays back your recent activity when you stop interacting with it, creating art and making a mark. 

Use the attached buttons or our MSE Genie App (free on the App Store) on your iPad or iPhone to interact with the panel.

When plugged in, Circle Grow is the First Mode and will run automatically.

Press center White Button to move between modes.

  1. 1.  Circle Grow and Fade
  • Push and hold color buttons one at a time to change color of center circle. Colors will grow slowly.
  • Hold the color buttons one at a time to make the inner circle grow.
  • Choose black button to erase colors from the center out. 
  • Circles will fade slowly towards the center when no buttons are pushed.
2. Fireworks
  • Press colored buttons to change the firework colors.
  • Press color button once for one firework at a time.
  • Press color button repeatedly for multiple fireworks.
  • Hold color button to stop fireworks. Release button and what them fly.
  • Press black button once for random colored individual fireworks. 
  • Press black button multiple times for multi-colored fireworks show. 
  • When not interacting with Pixels, your last sequence will display on the screen. 
3. Dot Tracking
  • White dot will move across the screen from left to right in a rows from top to bottom of the screen.
  • Press color buttons once to change the color of the dot. 
  • Hold color button to make dot grow as large as you want. 
  • When you release the color button white dot will continue on its path until you hold a color button of your choosing to make the dot larger
  • Choose black button to erase the screen. 

When you stop interacting with Pixels, each mode will run automatically until you engage with it again. 

Made in England.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 22" x 22" x 2"