Sound Light Dome

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These voice activated domes are ideal for sensory rooms or bedrooms of individuals with special needs. The soothing color changes to the sound of your voice are satisfying and self regulating for sensory processing.

Create a symphony of color using your voice! The Sound Light Dome changes color in response to sound. 
The colors actually relate to the pitch of the sound so whistling gives a different color than humming.  The pitch of any noise changes the color of the dome.  The loudness of noises will change the brightness. 
The Dome has an internal microphone and a sensitivity adjustment to suit everyone’s needs.

Weight: 24 lb.

Installation: Mount the Sound Light Dome in a suspended ceiling replacing a ceiling tile.  Connect the Power Supply (included) to the back of the Dome and then into the outlet.  A switched outlet above the ceiling tile is recommended.  If a switched outlet is not available, we recommend using an indoor wireless remote controller which can be purchased at a home improvement store. 

Made in England

Sound Light Dome Instructions

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 23.75" Square
  • Power: Mains Operated.