Fiber Optic Wall Sconce with Tails

Our Ref #: 9FOWSF

Options to choose from


Now you can enjoy a cascade of glowing, color-changing fiber optic strands. Our rounded sconce encloses and protects the light source and allows the lights of your room to reflect off the mirrored front. Now you have everything you need in one package. Includes Mirrored Sconce, Sparkle Light Source and Fiber Optic Tails (100).

Genie Fiber Optic Sconce with Tails includes the Genie Receiver. All you have to do is download the free app from the App Store (MSE Genie) and you are ready to control the fiber optics with six different options. 

Wireless Interactive Fiber Optic Sconce with Tails comes with the Wireless Receiver and the Wireless 4-Button Color Controller. Choose your favorite color from anywhere in the room.

Made in England

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: L: 15" x W: 12" x D: 9". L: 80" (tails)