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Safety when working with individuals with behavioral challenges is paramount for both the individual and carer. These sleeves will protect forearms from injury allowing increased engagement and positive outcomes.

The Harbor Sleeve was developed by two special education teachers in response to a student exhibiting self injurious behavior. The student also exhibited aggressive behavior toward teachers and other students which prompted the teachers to create different sizes of the sleeves for themselves and other students. With the risk of getting injured removed, they were better able to assist the student and allow her to engage with other children to build her confidence and social skills.

The comfortable Harbor Sleeve can be worn for an extended amount of time. Outside cover is a strong but discrete black tear-resistance nylon and the soft moisture-wicking on the inside is wrapped around high density foam for ultimate protection. The heavy-duty Velcro closure allows adjustments for a comfortable fit.

Sizing: See measurements below. For appropriate fit, measure  the circumference of the largest part of the forearm and match to the width of the sleeve. Measure forearm length. Fits children, teens and adults.

Sold in pairs.  Patent Pending.

Made in USA


Small- Wrist: 6";  Forearm Measurement: 8"; Length (not including handpiece) 7" (suitable for a child/teen)

Medium-Wrist: 6.5"; Forearm Measurement: 10"; Length (not including handpiece)  7.5"

Large-Wrist: 8"; Forearm Measurement 12"; Length (not including handpiece) 8.5"

X-Large-Wrist: 9"; Forearm Measurement: 13.5; Length (not including handpiece)  x L: 9.25"

Customer Reviews:
"The design of these protective sleeves have been helpful both for me as an occupational therapist and for the students.  During our sessions, they have been useful in preventing the students from injuring themselves when frustrated with the challenges of fine-motor tasks.  For instance, they have managed student behaviors such as biting and pinching when the demand of an activity has increased in difficulty.  I feel that this could be a valuable product for a variety of situations just as it has been for me in the OT sessions. " E. F.  , COTA

"I am a mother of a now 8 year old girl with autism.  We have been using the protective sleeves for about 3 years and have been extremely satisfied with them.  My daughter bites her own arms and has hurt herself many times.  When we started using the sleeves her injuries decreased immediately.   She was still able to get the pressure from biting but no longer broke the skin of her arm.  That was huge.  Especially since bleeding and infection were always a concern.  The velcro held the sleeves in place but made it easy to remove when necessary.  We still use the sleeves during severe meltdowns to allow my daughter an outlet but keep her safe.  That is the best thing about the sleeves.  They provide safety in a very chaotic time for her and those around her.  I have in the past and will continue to highly recommend this product. " S. K. , Parent

"As a special education teacher, I have been around students with different types of aggressive or injurious behaviors.   Sometimes they are biting themselves or scratching themselves and sometimes it's biting others in the vicinity.   Although these behaviors are never have a malicious intent, they are still something to be cautious of when you work with these individuals.   In a recent case, I used these protective sleeves while working with a "happy biter" child who would spontaneously bite or scratch others.   These sleeves were worn for most of the day and REALLY helped.   Where I once had scars on my arms and hands, the sleeves covered those areas.   The best part of these sleeves were that they also protected the tops of my hands (which were easily accessible to the child).   The material that the sleeves are made of allowed for my arms to be able to breath during the warm summer months.   I truly don't know where I would be without these arm sleeves.   I wore them all day and barely noticed that I still had them on at the end of the day.   I LOVE these sleeves! "  C. S. , Teacher

"A++!  Great product, easy to put on.   The arm sleeves are very comfortable, my student keeps them on for hours without trying to pull them off.   They are perfect for biting,  pinching and scratching.  The material helps to keeps wrists and arms safe from intense biting.  I  highly recommend the arm sleeves! " https://youtu.be/Le3dGfI1FUA

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Ana W.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 18/07/23
Feature Highlighted
I think they Wonderful. I received my order on 07/05/23. I call the office to report that I received my sleeve. And was to small. If they can please send me a size medium. They give instructions how to return it. I took it to the post office the same day and return it And today is the 07/17/23 And I still not received the medium size yet. I’m very disappointed
Caroline G.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 15/06/18
The measurements of the item weren't quite right- it says it's a bit larger than it is. But very useful!