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Enjoy the soothing visual, tactile and auditory effects of our Calming Hurricane Tube. These tubes are waterless but give the effect of flowing water. Colors slowly change while white beads flow up and down this strong acrylic tube evoking a sense of calm and regulation of your senses.

Available in two sizes to suit any space. No water equals no water maintenance. A favorite in medical facilities and schools.

Adjustable: All Hurricane Tubes have adjustable fan speed to customize each sensory session.

Switch Adapted: You can also use your favorite switch to turn the fan on and off for fun cause and effect development.

Color Controllable: They are compatible with all our wired, wireless, and Bluetooth Color Controllers so you can upgrade your Calming Hurricane Tube at any time. See the MSE Control section of our website for all our controllers.

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  • Dimensions: Tube: H: 48" x 6" Dia. Base: W: 15" x D: 13" x H: 6" WT: 15.75 lb.