Scrunch Bucket X1 - Messy Play Sensory Toy



£7.99 (exc. VAT)

Scrunch Bucket is perfect for those summer days out at the beach or even at home playing in your sandpit or playing with water. The great thing is that it is bendable and foldable, meaning it can be easily put away and is highly portable. Scrunch Bucket is the perfect accessory for storing things, it doesn't even have to be just water or sand. Colours may vary.

2 Reviews

Lucy W.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 21/01/18
As described. They are expensive but stand up to an EYFS setting so worth the investment. Fast delivery :package:
Aparna S.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 09/10/15
It is being used in therapy constantly... the kids are amazed with being able to scruch a bucket and try to incorporate it all activities!